Meet the Instructor!

Claire Crawshaw - Pilates Instructor - Sheffield
Claire Crawshaw

Claire teaches the beginners class on Wednesdays at 6pm and from next week a * Ladies Only* class at 7.15pm, also on Wednesdays!

Here’s Claire’s story…

“Five years ago I got a pain in my hip. The pain escalated, got worse and eventually turned into sciatica, basically I could barely walk. I’d slipped several discs in my back and subsequently spent a lot of time on the floor unable to work. Physiotherapy helped but then I was recommended Pilates, nothing helped me more than regularly participating in a class which I have done ever since.

I loved it so much I started my training as a Pilates teacher!

Join me and dedicate an hour a week to improve posture, muscle tone and balance and to reduce aches, pains and life’s stresses!”

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