Pilates History

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Joseph Pilates – Matwork Class

The Pilates method of training is based on the original works of German born Joseph Pilates. Joseph designed a series of exercises that used both physical and mental techniques to condition the body. His original method of exercise was devised for actors, dancers and athletes.

In the 1920′s, he used his studio in New York to run exercise programmes that complimented the training they were already undertaking to help build strength, improve posture and increase flexibility.

Photo of Joseph Pilates - About Pilates
Joseph Pilates

In recent years Pilates has gone from being virtually unknown to being widely adopted by gyms, studios and health clubs, running Pilates programmes and being guided by Pilates methodology.

Many things have changed since Joseph Pilates first developed his movement techniques. Modern Clinical Pilates brings his approaches into the 21st Century by using all the latest research and knowledge now available about safe and effective exercise.

Developed by physiotherapists and fitness experts, Modern Clinical Pilates classes aim to rebalance the body by improving posture, muscle tone, flexibility and core stability. The slow and controlled approach to exercise that Modern Clinical Pilates adopts can also help to relieve stress and tension, help with back problems, assist in injury rehabilitation and improve body awareness.

Modern Pilates teachers undertake extensive practical and theoretical training in Modern Clinical Pilates methods including advanced anatomy, core stability, shoulder stability, muscle imbalance, postural analysis and exercise planning and programming.