Pilates Classes in Sheffield – Welcome to InReach Pilates

InReach Pilates offers Pilates classes in Sheffield with a Modern Clinical Pilates approach, focussing on areas including posture, flexibility and core strength.

With Pilates you can:

  • Improve your posture
  • Strengthen and stabilise your core
  • Increase your flexibility and mobility
  • Improve your balance
  • Rehabilitate following injury, surgery or illness
  • Reduce aches and pains
  • Improve pelvic floor
  • Feel fitter and stronger
  • Reduce stress and connect with your body

We welcome all levels, from absolute beginners to advanced practitioners. Our current clientele range from people who have never done Pilates before to athletes. All ages are welcome; Harry, 84, has been attending weekly for the last 3 years.

Our classes are small, with a maximum number of nine participants per class, which enables a caring and individualised approach to be taken throughout. This approach to Pilates is key, as it allows for your personal progression within class to be actively supported. This informs your particular exercise and routine progressions within class over time. InReach Pilates focusses on your progression.

Pilates is grounding, putting you in touch with your body, enabling and developing your mind-body connection. We often use visualisations in class to help you to perform exercises effectively and with good technique. Joseph Pilates recognised early the importance of the mind-body connection, which directly informs his Principles of Pilates – Concentration, Control, Centering, Flowing Movement, Precision & Breathing.

It is the mind itself which shapes the body

—Joseph Pilates
Founder of Pilates

There are numerous misconceptions around what Pilates requires of you to start. The most common of these are actually why you would want to start! To start, you don’t need a particular body type or shape, you don’t need to be flexible or injury free, have any balancing ability or core strength. All of these areas, however, will improve with Pilates!

As we get older, it is all too easy to convince ourselves that it’s okay to exercise less and allow a sedentary lifestyle to creep in. This is what our society deems normal, but the truth is that we have it completely backward. A sedentary lifestyle is what causes us to age!

—Dr Steven Gundry
Doctor and Author

Here is what Jan said about her personal progression with us…

Thank you for all of your great classes. I know that I probably wouldn’t have been able to lift my grandson if it hadn’t been for your Pilates classes

Client at InReach Pilates

Some of our clients support their chosen sporting passion with InReach Pilates. Pilates helps prevent injury and enhance performance. Some of our sporting clients include everything from climbers and cyclists to runners, dancers, boxers, net-ballers, swimmers and a member of a skydiving team!

As a runner I’ve definitely found Pilates to be very beneficial and would highly recommend it

Client at InReach Pilates

Pilates has many devout followers from the top level of sport…

I do an hour of Pilates a day. I’m in my best shape in years due to an hour-long daily routine

—David Beckham

The InReach Pilates Community

InReach Pilates is your place to transform, grow and stay active and healthy in a peaceful and welcoming community.

You feel instantly welcomed the moment you walk in

Client at InReach Pilates

It’s lovely to have found such an instantly welcoming Pilates class

Client at InReach Pilates

The class sizes are small and everyone is so friendly and welcoming

Client at InReach Pilates

To read more reviews from our clients, just visit the Reviews page.

Ready to take the next step?

If you want a class that’s welcoming, fun and will get you feeling fantastic then this is the one for you!

Client at InReach Pilates

Our name, InReach Pilates, came from our goal of putting Pilates within reach of everyone.

All you need to start, is to book your Free Taster Class and see what Pilates can do for you!

If you would like an informal chat prior to sending your free taster class request, just visit our Contact page and give us a call.