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Pilates Sheffield Class - Jeni and Louise
Jeni and Louise
InReach Pilates
Based on 35 reviews
InReach Pilates
Based on 21 reviews
Vicki Peacock
Vicki P.
10:08 29 Apr 20
COVID UPDATE: Online lessons are a triumph! It feels like Louise is in the room with me - very natural, very clear to understand and great to keep up pilates throughout lockdown. It's useful to have specific class times so I schedule them into my day to ensure I get some stretching and just some 'me' time. Thank you for getting this up and running so smoothly!I thought I'd try pilates to make me stretch more, regain a bit of flexibility as I get older. I didn't really know what to expect. I have loved Louise's classes. They are relaxed and fun so no matter your ability you feel included and successful. The classes are small so there is plenty of individual support and correction when necessary and Louise rotates equipment every week making sure lessons are varied. I have also found the sessions a great opportunity to mentally unwind and leave feeling better in many ways. Would highly recommend.
Claire Neville
Claire N.
08:28 12 Dec 19
I would highly recommend attending a Pilates class at this studio. Louise is a genuinely lovely and caring person who is well practiced in delivering fun and friendly Pilates classes. After regularly attending Louise’s classes, the benefits of Pilates became apparent and it is now an integral part of my well being and health. I would definitely suggest that anyone considering Pilates should come to the studio for a free taster session. The classes are designed to be all encompassing for all abilities, so you can take it as easy as you like or progress as quickly as your body allows. I believe everyone should make time in their busy lives to spend at least an hour a week, giving their body’s the love and attention it deserves. Happy Pilates Practice Everyone!
Donna Brewins-Cook
Donna B.
13:08 12 Nov 19
Louise is such a great teacher! From my first initial enquiry she was friendly, efficient and effective in dealing with my query regarding classes. I had chronic neck pain and since attending InReach I don't get any pain at all in my neck and don't feel the need for painkillers any more. Louise's classes are fun and relaxed and I look forward to Monday mornings and never get the Monday morning blues anymore!!!
Hamish Cunningham
Hamish C.
22:17 07 Nov 19
Louise is brilliant, get on down!
Favour Nwolu
Favour N.
10:48 06 Nov 19
I patiently searched for a pilates class and I was lucky enough to stumble on Inreach pilates page. Louise is such a great pilates instructor, she made me feel comfortable and I have enjoyed every session. You won't regret it. Search no more.
Ed Everson
Ed E.
16:21 25 Oct 19
Louise has been fantastic in helping get on top of injuries from a car crash. I was recommended her classes by my physio as the groups are small and Louise adapts sessions for each individual. After nearly two years of continual progression I will keep up with the classes. As well as the benefits of personalised exercises, the classes are great fun.
Maggie Proctor
Maggie P.
16:43 21 Oct 19
I really enjoy Louise's class, she is very welcoming and structures the classes in such. a way to cater for all ages and abilities. I have only been going a short time and already my balance is much better.a
Teresa Everson-Smith
Teresa E.
14:43 18 Oct 19
After attending Louise's classes for over a year I can honestly say that signing up for her Pilates classes was one of the best things I ever did. Louise is a fantastic instructor and motivator. She varies the classes each week so that whilst there are familiar moves it is always fun, interesting and we're learning something new. She also ensures that we're all performing the exercises correctly and provides modifications and progressions where applicable. Louise's enthusiasm for Pilates is infectious and I always look forward to my weekly class.
Gwen J Robinson
Gwen J R.
14:43 17 Oct 19
A friend spotted the offer of a free taster class, and I was immediately hooked on pilates at this friendly studio. I am a big fan of Claire's beginners' class at 6pm on Wednesdays and highly recommend it. I can feel the benefits already after just 6 weeks!
Laura Cawley
Laura C.
18:59 06 Oct 19
I am returning to Pilates after a break and can't wait to get started again. Louise's classes are brilliant. She gets to know everyone's goals and limits and adjusts the class accordingly. I don't always feel very motivated before exercise but always feel amazing after a class with Louise!
12:30 28 Sep 19
I have been with Louise for 2 months now and I can honestly say she is the best pilates teacher I have ever had. Her knowledge of injury and rehab (as practiced by sports physios) is excellent. Every class is well-planned, and she gets to know all her students (and their limitations) well. She is caring and kind. The bonus is the gentle music she plays. I switched from yoga to pilates 2 years ago because of injury, and I have missed the meditative calm and body acceptance that yoga gave me. The combination of Louise’s warmth, a friendly class, and the music, has brought this back to my life, and it plays a key role in my well-being.
Anne Dawson
Anne D.
14:47 24 Sep 19
I've been doing Pilates for over 20 years and Louise is right up there with the very best of all the instructors that I've ever had. She is incredibly attentive and aware of any issues you may be having and uses lots of different equipment, therefore ensuring variety and interest in every class. I had a total hip replacement just over four months ago and Louise has been an enormous help to me both pre and post op with all the stretching, flexibility and strengthening exercises that are now really helping with my recovery. The studio and instructor are both lovely, equally relaxing and challenging and the class is very friendly and inclusive of all ages, I really couldn't recommend InReach Pilates more highly. Xx
jackie luscombe
jackie L.
12:09 24 Sep 19
Fantastic Pilates Class for improving core strength, balance and flexibility Louise is an excellent teacher and makes the class really enjoyable Highly recommended
Jack Rodgers
Jack R.
05:30 19 Sep 19
I’ve been going for years. I always feel better physically and mentally after a class. Louise is a great teacher, very knowledgeable while being fun at the same time.
Lesley Browett
Lesley B.
12:34 18 Sep 19
I have been attending Louise's classes for just over a year now and I love it. It has really helped with my flexibility, relaxation and general well-being. The studio is very comfortable and well-equipped and the group is very friendly and supportive. Louise is an excellent teacher; we work hard but she is very caring and gives us individual support. We are encouraged to do what we can but there is no pressure to push ourselves too hard. The sessions are fun and invigorating! I always look forward to them. Thanks Louise!
Tru Havenhand
Tru H.
11:47 18 Sep 19
I've been attending Louise's class for just over a year now. I spend all day at work looking forward to it! I find the class itself very relaxing and the environment is lovely but I was genuinely surprised at the difference it's made to the muscles in my core and legs. As a runner I've definitely found Pilates to be very beneficial and would highly recommend it.Louise is the nicest person and her classes are a lot of fun.Come and give it a go 🙂
Jessica Wright
Jessica W.
20:51 17 Sep 19
After my free taster session I knew it was the ideal class for me. Classes are small and Louise gives everyone personal attention, which is great if you have any particular injury. She is inventive and every week we do something new, with different pieces of equipment. Everyone has their favourite, whether it is the hedgehog or the roller!
Jo Mcanuff
Jo M.
10:55 16 Sep 19
It's lovely to have found such an instantly welcoming Pilates class and Louise has such a great manner of teaching. She uses a variety of equipment to transform what could've been boring Pilates mat-work into something much more fun and interesting. Her lessons are sensitive to each students' needs and small enough to create a sense of intimacy and personalisation. All this in a lovely, well-located studio. Thanks for reading 🙂
Imogine Turner
Imogine T.
19:21 15 Sep 19
Louise is by far my favourite Pilates teacher - she knows when to push you & when to let you have a minute enjoying a roll down 🧘🏽‍♀️ Best hour of the week!
George Bancroft
George B.
20:28 11 Sep 19
Love my classes with Louise! The studio is lovely and airy, only about 7 people per class so you get plenty of space and attention.
Helen Dickinson
Helen D.
19:46 09 Sep 19
Having never tried Pilates before it was recommended by my physio. A friend recommendation later and I have been enjoying classes with Louise for nearly a year now. My weekly classes are my sanctuary. Louise is so supportive and creates such a safe space. I have benefited both physically and mentally and have fallen in love with Pilates. The class sizes are small and everyone is so friendly and welcoming. Try your free session and I promise you won’t look back!!
Angela Nickson
Angela N.
20:38 01 Sep 19
I have been attending Louise's classes since February 2018, I'd previously tried other classes, but you know you've found the right instructor from day one. Louise always keeps a careful eye on her clients capabilities, there is a nice relaxed atmosphere and always an element of fun. You always come away feeling stronger, toned and stretched, I look forward to my weekly classes.
Lou West Wood
Lou West W.
07:27 01 Sep 19
Louise is fantastic, each session, run from her relaxing, gorgeous studio, is well planned, varied and actually good fun. She offers progressions for each exercise which you decide if you're up to that day. Louise knows her clients well and suggests alternatives for people with health problems. I recommend Inreach Pilates, I leave each session feeling taller, more relaxed and flexible, and happier.
Raymonde Pascale
Raymonde P.
06:32 01 Sep 19
Great location and a lovely spacious studio. Louise is the best pilates instructor I have had. I look forward to my weekly class and pilates is the best. Thks Louise!
Elizabeth McNamara
Elizabeth M.
18:58 31 Aug 19
I tried a few studios when I first moved to Sheffield, and InReach was definitely the best! Louise is a great teacher and her classes good fun. Highly recommend!
Rosie Cochrane
Rosie C.
18:49 31 Aug 19
Pilates at InReach with Louise is one of my favourite things to do. I was feeling a bit sluggish post retirement from a very physical job when I went to a taster class. I was hooked immediately! This was over 2 years ago and in that time I'm delighted with my core strength, flexibility and just general well-being. Louise is really welcoming and classes are so much fun that I now go twice a week. Thoroughly recommend InReach with Louise and if I can do it anyone can!
Ian J France
Ian J F.
18:09 31 Aug 19
Since January 2019 I have improved my core strength and balance and rid myself of a long-standing (on one leg😂) knee problem. All this with the help, support and encouragement of Louise at InReach Pilates. Our classes are fun and challenging in equal measure. Cannot praise too highly.
Kim Staves
Kim S.
17:53 31 Aug 19
Having attended Louise's classes for around 2 years now, I always feel stretched, more toned and calmer. Louise adds an element of fun to each session.
Rachel Tate
Rachel T.
16:02 31 Aug 19
Louise is an amazing instructor who will work with your specific needs to ensure you not only enjoy the classes but make great progress. If you want a class that’s welcoming, fun and will get you feeling fantastic then this is the one for you!
Marie Broadhurst
Marie B.
21:18 17 Jun 19
Only done 3 sessions so far, but absolutely love it.Would definately reccomend, small class size, lovely atmosphere, very relaxing. Just what ive been looking for x
Diane Rossiter
Diane R.
09:42 24 May 19
Louise really cares for her clients and seeks to adapt the practice to suit a person's needs. When I started her class I struggled to stand for even a short time due to a groin injury and a lack of core strength. After a few lessons I'd gained enough core strength and eased the groin pain to do the static standing and balance poses. I'd recommend Louise most highly.
Ian J France
Ian J F.
13:49 30 Jan 19
Great first session at Inreach today. Lovely atmosphere; very supportive and relaxed. Thank you Louise.
Joan Russon
Joan R.
20:59 11 Jan 19
Louise is an excellent teacher who is encouraging and positive. Every lesson is well planned and different each week. The studio is attractive, clean and warm.
Tony Norman
Tony N.
20:52 25 Oct 18
I can’t deny I was apprehensive about being the only male in my mixed class but Louise made me feel very welcome. The classes are great and each one is different and Louise is always wandering around making sure you’re getting the most out of each exercise. I always come away feeling great and I can’t recommend the group highly enough.
Isra Rose
Isra R.
21:44 23 Oct 18
I've been to quite a few pilates classes with different instructors and can't emphasise how wonderful an instructor Louise is. You feel instantly welcomed the moment you walk in, it's a very safe environment and Louise does her utmost to make everyone feel comfortable. Her knowledge of the discipline is evident, she demonstrates/explains things clearly but also the atmosphere she creates isn't one where you feel stupid asking for something to be repeated or re-explained. Even in group class situations she makes an effort to go around and give each person individual attention and reassurance. It still feels like a personal experience. Add to that, she frequently will stay behind with anyone who wants to chat, answer any questions etc. as well as reaching out herself every now and again after a session to check up on you. Overall I just find her to be a really understanding and approachable person, and as a teacher I trust her implicitly. Thank you Louise!
Kerry Kent
Kerry K.
21:12 16 Aug 18
To 👧🏻. Another great class. I reeeeeally needed it tonight. Like magic, you’ve made my aches disappear. From 👱🏼‍♀️Xxxx
Barbara Pickering
Barbara P.
13:36 11 Apr 18
I have been attending louise's gentle pilates class for approx 6 months. I truly didnt want t start initially ! But how wrong I was. Louise is a very lovely , caring lady who really knows her stuff. Classes are always a pleasure to attend and so much fun . They have helped my balance issues enormously. Louise pays special attention to every member of the class so it almost feels like a 1-1 session. I would most definately highly recommend anyone looking for the best pilates classes to try in reach wont be disappointed.
FionaW Mindfulness
FionaW M.
20:33 21 Mar 18
Having taken the plunge to attend a class for the first time I was apprehensive as I am a migraine sufferer and the slightest thing can set one off. I needn't have worried. had zero pain the next day, I was very pleasantly surprised! Louise was amazing and helped take me through every step and movement. When I needed guidance she supported me. When it seemed very serious she made it fun and enjoyable. The class was perfectly sized with friendly happy people. As a beginner I am hooked already and I cannot wait to go back next week. And the next. And the next. Thank you Louise, I am a true convert. Can't wait to see my new pilates body emerge! 🙂
kerry kent
kerry K.
07:37 19 Mar 18
Louise is a gem of a teacher. Very knowledgable of the human body, great use of equipment, each lesson is varied. Her hands on approach to tweak your position is essential. You feel more like you’re having 1:1 so her genuine 1:1 classes must be amazing. Must try one soon.
Anne Greaves
Anne G.
22:45 18 Mar 18
Been attending classes for nearly a year and I love it! Always a good variety of exercises and my core strength and balance have noticeably improved. Highly recommended!
Ellie Nicholls Kennedy
Ellie Nicholls K.
21:24 18 Mar 18
My first ever Pilates experience was with Louise and I never thought I would have enjoyed it so much and feel so great and alive afterwards. Louise is such a great, enthusiastic, experienced teacher who made it an absolute pleasure! I definitely only have good things to say about this exercise and the teacher herself. Would definitely recommend to any one of any age! Louise reminds you that it doesn’t matter how inexperienced or experienced or what age you are to start this!! Thank you very much for the amazing experience!
Debbie Whiteley-Grant
Debbie W.
18:09 18 Mar 18
Louise offers a very practical and individual approach which has given me the confidence to challenge myself and my body. I can really feel the difference I am so much stronger and flexible. Massive thank you!
Beth Murdoch
Beth M.
12:35 07 Nov 17
So pleased to have found such a great teacher and class- Louise leads the class in such an informative manner, is really approachable and fun! Only been attending her Thursday class for a few weeks but already feel benefits of the exercises, highly recommend �
Rosie McCredie
Rosie M.
19:52 30 Oct 17
So glad I found In Reach Pilates and Louise. I've been going to her classes for several months now and am delighted at how much stronger and flexible I've become. Louise makes the classes fun and ensures we all maintain good posture and makes you really want to work on your Pilates. I always leave the class feeling good and can't recommend her highly enough. Thank you Louise for what you've done for me.
Fiona Watson
Fiona W.
21:34 26 Oct 17
Louise is an excellent teacher she has a unique combination of sensitivity, knowledge and expertise. She is superb with all abilities I feel completely confident and safe in her care.
Cath Wymer
Cath W.
20:39 26 Oct 17
This is an excellent pilates class. Each session is different to the last and Louise clearly puts lots of time and effort into her planning. It's a must for a tired old teacher like myself but I would recommend it to anyone regardless of their job. It teaches you lots about posture, balance and core stability and strength. Can't do without it now
Anne Greaves
Anne G.
20:25 25 Oct 17
Love my Monday night Pilates sessions with Louise! She's a fab teacher and mixes the sessions up with plenty of different exercises and equipment to keep us on our toes (quite literally)!
Hamish Cunningham
Hamish C.
17:12 25 Oct 17
Louise is a star, and what with the Pleasure Bands and the cries of Clench! you can almost forget the pain and suffering. Great for backs, necks, and various bits that I wasn't previously conscious of possessing. Recommended.
Liz Wil Sher
Liz Wil S.
16:27 25 Oct 17
Lou is lovely and her class is always really good, keeps my back in check, nice venue too! Would highly recommend her ��