“Absolutely fantastic first session with Louise. Would strongly recommend anyone who wants to improve their core fitness and understand their body better to book in for a trial session.” – Catherine

“So glad I found InReach Pilates and Louise. I’ve been going to her classes for several months now and I am delighted at how much stronger and flexible I’ve become. Louise makes the classes fun and ensures we all maintain good posture and makes you really want to work on your Pilates. I always leave the class feeling good and can’t recommend her highly enough. Thank you Louise for what you’ve done for me.” – Rosie

“I’ve attended Pilates classes with Louise for over a year now and she’s a fabulous teacher! She will correct your posture to ensure you get the most out of your exercises and feel the maximum benefit from the class. Her sessions are constantly changing and target all the key areas. Pilates has really helped to relieve my back, neck and shoulder pain, so it’s really worth a try!” – Charlotte

“I’ve just attended THE most fantastic Pilates session I think I’ve ever done. It was a most perfect example for me to share next week in our mindful class when I talk about ‘movement’ becoming an extension of our meditation practice. A great balance of activity and complete calm, with low lighting, beautiful music, focussed, centred and challenged. It was just what I needed after an intense retreat day which was wonderful yet a little inactive.” – Fiona

“I loved my first class with InReach Pilates. Louise is lovely and made me feel so at ease. I highly recommend the classes. After the hour lesson I feel stretched, a lot more mobile and calmer.” – Tracey

“Thank you for all the great classes. I know I probably wouldn’t have been able to lift my grandson if it hadn’t been for your pilates classes.” – Jan

“Not only does my back feel ok but I took ten minutes off my time for another 10km (hilly) trail run yesterday.” – Rob

“Thank you so much Louise for all your wonderful teaching in Pilates. You have made such a difference to my mobility, without my feeling embarrassed, inadequate or bored! This is all due to your patience, sense of fun, and relaxed manner, despite keeping high standards. Here’s to next year and my further improvement.” – Kate

“I feel great after last night’s class! I was feeling rather sluggish prior to class but woke up today feeling much more energised and positive, thank you Louise.” – Rosie

“I didn’t know what to expect from Pilates. But your teaching is clear and inspiring. Onward.” – Ken

“Lovely teacher. Lovely class. Really enjoy my weekly pilates. Louise is great at teaching and modifying all exercises for you with her extensive knowledge. Definitely worth trying a class!” – Susie

“Having taken the plunge to attend a class for the first time I was apprehensive as I am a migraine sufferer and the slightest thing can set one off. I needn’t have worried, had zero pain the next day, I was very pleasantly surprised! Louise was amazing and helped take me through every step and movement. When I needed guidance she supported me. When it seemed very serious she made it fun and enjoyable. The class was perfectly sized with friendly people. As a beginner I am hooked already and I cannot wait to go back next week. And the next. And the next. Thank you Louise, I am a true convert. Can’t wait to see my new pilates body emerge!” – Emma

“I feel so much better this morning. Last night’s class was magic!” – Ann

“Been attending classes for nearly a year and I love it! Always a good variety of exercises and my core strength and balance have noticeably improved. Highly recommend!” – Anne

“I have been attending Louise’s gentle pilates class on a Wednesday for about six months. I truly didn’t want to start initially! But how wrong I was. Louise is a very lovely, caring lady who really knows her stuff. Classes are always a pleasure to attend and so much fun. They have helped my balance issues enormously. Louise pays special attention to every member of the class so it almost feels like a 1-1 session. I would most definitely highly recommend anyone looking for the best pilates classes to try InReach Pilates…you won’t be disappointed.” – Barbara

“When I first found InReach I’d experienced a series of injuries to my ribs, sternum and spine that incapacitated me at every attempt to exercise or do anything strenuous. I was spending thousands at the physio and was pretty down trodden. I just wanted to be my old self again by getting back to feeling fit, active and doing a lot of cycling. The classes were an instant success, I experienced rapid gains in flexibility, core strength and reduction in repeated injuries. Well, it’s been nine months now and I’ve not seen a physio, it’s been an amazing transformation and I’d recommend that everybody adopt Pilates as part of the weekly routine (injured or not). It’s certainly been a life saver for me. I can’t thank Louise enough!!!” – Gerry

“This is an excellent Pilates class. Each session is different to the last and Louise clearly puts lots of time and effort into her planning. It’s a must for a tired old teacher like myself but I would recommend it to anyone regardless of their job. It teaches you lots about posture, balance and core stability and strength. Can’t do without it now.” – Cath

“I’ve been going for a few months now, I feel so much better. I had a lot of problems with my back that are now under control. Louise is a really good teacher, always making sure I’m not going wrong but lighthearted and easy going. Really good value too.” – Jack

“Louise offers a very practical and individual approach which has given me the confidence to challenge myself and my body. I can really feel the difference, I am so much flexible and stronger. Massive thank you!” – Debbie

“So pleased to have found such a great teacher and class – Louise leads the class in such an informative manner, is really approachable and fun! Only been attending her Thursday class for a few weeks but already feel benefits of the exercises, highly recommend.” – Beth

“Louise is amazing. Lets you take everything at your own pace and brilliant if you have had previous injuries or problems. Relaxing and you really notice a difference. I even booked my husband in. He has fibromyalgia and has seen a massive improvement after I dragged him there!” – Aimee

“Lou is lovely and her class is always really good, keeps my back in check, nice venue too! Would highly recommend her.” – Liz

“Thanks for the lovely classes you do, I have been better for doing them” – Angela

“Louise is a star! Great for backs, necks and various bits that I wasn’t previously conscious of possessing. Recommended.” – Hamish

“Thanks for brill Pilates!” – Janet

“Thank you so much for a great introduction to Pilates Louise. I am excited about where my Pilates journey will take me! You are a kind, caring and knowledgeable teacher” – Juliet

“Thanks for being so kind.” – Hazel

“Many thanks for the great sessions.” – Linda